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A Business with Purpose

Our purpose is to embrace, guide and support business owners by providing them with the education, advocacy, and resources they need to continue fueling the American economy. 

Built on Vision

Built on vision – to become the leading source of education, advocacy, and resources for small business owners everywhere.

Driven by Purpose

The Roger Doumanian Corporation is driven by purpose – one that’s committed to helping businesses survive and thrive!



The kind of education that can only be obtained through real life experiences


A voice to represent small businesses and address their daily concerns and challenges


Resources that improve and enhance productivity and promote flexibility


Contract negotiating, drafting and reviewing to protect the rights of clients.

The Mission

Many businesses in America as struggling. While everyone is sitting on the sidelines, we’re not! We created The Roger Doumanian Corporation to equip small business owners through Education, Advocacy, and Resources. Our Mission is to equip business owners with the knowledge, expertise, and resources necessary to help them build a business on bedrock…one that’s independent of a fluctuating economy.

The Vision

Our vision is to become the leading source of education, advocacy, and empowerment for small business owners everywhere – while being recognized for our dedication to their success. We are launching a series of companies, products, and services designed to embrace, guide and support small business owners by providing them with the resources they need to continue fueling the America economy.