Software for the Modern Business Owner

I compiled this list to help business owners make life a little easier. I personally use or have used most of these software programs. I find them easy to use, affordable, and extremely helpful. I hope you will too.
Business Plan Creator

An excellent Business Plan creation software priced for small business. allows you to create beautiful business plans with colorful charts, graphs, and even a company logo. The software comes fully equipped with useful examples, a variety of options, and easy to use tools to make business planning fun and easy.
Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a complete, could-based toolset that includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and dozens of other software that no business should be without. You get the power of emails, could-based storage, and all of the document and presentation software you need to be organized and mobile. Microsoft Office 365 is accessible on the go with their mobile Apps and online access.
Electronic Signatures is an excellent resource for electronic signatures. No need to use your outdated fax machine to collect signatures from your clients. Simply upload your document to DocuSign’s easy to use website, mark the fields that need to be completed by your client, click a few more buttons and you’re done. Your client receives the electronic file, clicks a few buttons to complete the form and you both get a copy of the completed file for your records. Excellent for small and large businesses.


QuickBooks Online
Cloud-Based Accounting Software

Accounting on the go! Quickbooks online is a quick and easy way to invoice your clients and collect payments anywhere, anytime. This service is available online, via the Cloud, as well as via a series of mobile Apps and desktop applications that put your accounting at your fingertips. Store customer information, send invoices, collect payments digitally, and print out dozens of reports for financial planning, tax preparation, and filing purposes.


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